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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Auditing

Auditing mistakes can be very costly and affect your business badly. According to a study, the incidents of occupational fraud resulted in a median loss of $140,000. Of these situations, more than a quarter resulted in losses of at least $1 million. Auditors need to avoid mistakes that can lead to inaccuracies or missed fraud that could later cause businesses a big setback. Here we will explore 5 common mistakes to avoid in auditing to ensure that audits add value to the business rather than causing more losses.

1. Miscommunication With The Audit Company

A company and the audit firm have agreed on certain parameters. Before the audit process starts, you must ensure emails are used to interact with the independent auditing firm. Miscommunication about the needs of the audit business before and throughout the audit process will only make it take longer. Always designate a team of employees to ignore the audit team’s criteria to avoid this predicament.

2. Poor Planning

To obtain the desired results, audits should be carried out strategically. Managers, supervisors, and everyone else on board must work together in a coordinated manner to complete an internal audit process successfully. If your team works together, the auditors may notice important details because several audit areas must be handled.

A clear roadmap that is simple to comprehend and follow by all parties concerned is established by good planning to resolve nonconformities. A realistic action plan aids management in enlisting support from all parties and ensuring that the chosen strategy is well-coordinated.

3. Overdependency In Accounting Software

Whether using high-end or low-end accounting software, implementation always calls for skilled accountants familiar with the numbers. When it comes to accounting software, businesses must adopt an autopilot mentality. If the accounting data entered is inaccurate, there is always an opportunity for error. Such inaccurate data cause financial statements to be misrepresented to auditors, which prompts the auditor to reconsider the company’s internal controls.

The major areas where employees are unduly reliant on the accounting software and that require improvement will be provided to you by a top audit business. Regular financial analysis by a skilled finance team member is necessary to prevent any errors that statutory auditors may identify.

4. Unorganized Financial Records

The CPAs must be given accounting records from prior years as though they were current. When starting the audit process, it is crucial to have access to invoices, receipts, expense records, bank statements, and hard copies of the tax report. When the auditors ask for record backups, many employees are seen scurrying around, which reflects poorly on the company’s organizational and professional skills. Therefore, the project manager must ensure that all necessary financial records are prepared for presentation once the audit engagement plan is initiated.

5. Not Training The Employees For An Audit

Confidence and familiarity with financial accounts are required while talking to an auditor. As a result, the team helping the auditors mustn’t provide them with unnecessary or inaccurate information. It might be difficult to understand incorrect data, and auditors can save time working on the wrong files. As a result, each audit process requires a competent team of committed personnel for internal and external audits.


Due to the nature of the audit, it is also frequently noticed that employees provide more information than necessary. Therefore, prior planning is necessary before any staff members offer free handouts or spend more time with the auditors than is necessary.



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