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Nidhi Jain Certified Public Accountant & Certified Tax Coach

Do you think you’re paying too much in taxes? This is the normal state of most individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

At NidhiJain CPA, we have strategies that allow all to pay fewer in taxes and keep extra of what these business owners earn to themselves. We assist our clients and help them save hundreds and thousands of dollars yearly, and we are keen on doing the same for all our clients.

Our recognized approaches evaluate your complete financial picture reflecting business purposes, investment objectives, and past tax returns to generate a highly-efficient tax plan. The outcome is that you pay the smallest sum of tax achievable, and the cash stays where it rightfully belongs, with you!


Frequently Asked Questions

A Certified Tax Coach (CTC) is a qualified individual who has achieved higher training in pre-emptive tax planning. They are experts in finding credits, loopholes, deductions, and advanced strategies to assist their clients in paying less tax.

A Certified Tax Coach (CTC) ensures that they work with you during the entire year. They will make sure you acquire the long-term proactive benefits you require. A certified tax coach is committed entirely to your financial gain and goes above and beyond what a conventional tax preparer or accountant can do. Their chief purpose is to save you as many dollars on taxes as they can and confirm you never overpay.

The main reason is that you get to save money. Secondly, they work hand-in-hand with their clients to look at their tax history and create profiles to help them uncover new money-saving opportunities. Thirdly, they help you find the right opportunities to complement your tax-saving strategy.

A standard CPA and an Enrolled Agent are advanced educational designations in accounting and tax preparation that authorize them to embody you to the IRS. Along with getting these standard qualifications and tax degrees, a Certified Tax Coach must also complete a detailed education focusing on long-term, significant impact proactive tax planning strategies. In addition, a Certified Tax Coach must follow the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches Code of Ethics, which guarantees that the tactics and ideas that are being used stay within the limitations of the law

Once you create a proactive tax strategy and develop a strong relationship with your Certified Tax Coach, you get to take advantage of their years of training and expertise. The deal with working with a Certified Tax Coach is getting your tax returns at the end of the year. There is a tax maintenance program. This program is designed to give you ever-ready access to a Certified Tax Coach. It permits you to experience a minimum amount of tax liability yearly and continue to weigh your situation accordingly.

Proactive tax planning allows you to work with a qualified financial expert to ensure that you use your tax code to the greatest advantage. On the other hand, tax filing is when you prepare and submit your tax return to the IRS on a deadline. Tax planning is more long-term – it allows you to look into the future, plan better and benefit from the tax rules. It’s a continuing course that will help you evaluate your prior tax returns and existing financial standing to guarantee forthcoming returns. It is different for each individual and organization.

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Business Tax Filing

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Company Incorporation and LLC Formation

We hep you to form your business affordably and efficiently in all 50 states.

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Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Simplify your back office functions through outsourced accounting services.

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IRS Representation and Audit Defense

We will bring in experience and professionalism when dealing with your IRS or State audit.

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Tax Planning and Advisory Services

We will help you plan and get the appropriate tax breaks that you deserve.

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